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Farewell to a good friend

Farewell to a good friend

We’re very sad to announce the passing of one of our lifelong supporters, Vera Headon. Here are some words from our Chairman about a wonderful lady who helped Stockdales right from the very beginning and made such a positive difference to the lives of many people:

“It was with very great sadness that we learned that Vera Headon had died this week. She was a very remarkable woman who made a huge contribution to the lives of many hundreds of people with learning disabilities, which would profoundly have limited their lives had it not been for her vision and compassion.

Over 60 years ago, when Vera first supported their families, people with profound disabilities were considered a source of shame and were routinely hidden away from public gaze. She, her friends and her whole family gave selfless service in the cause of what has today become Stockdales. Their pioneering spirit and total disregard for the narrow minded social mores of the 1950s changed the views of future generations and began our contemporary resolution that those with learning difficulties could and must enjoy a rich, fulfilled and happy life.

Along with her husband Ken, Chairman of Stockdales for many years, and the whole of her family, she made sure through tireless efforts for many years that their ground-breaking work continued and grew. Without the selfless devotion of Vera and those immediately around her, Stockdales would not now be what it is and we owe her a huge debt of gratitude.

For me, the most striking thing about Vera was her enthusiasm. She espoused every advance we could make wholeheartedly and was obviously thrilled by the success of our most recent development of Community Services and our outreach now to over 200 people. She also gave me unwavering support when I became a Trustee and later Chairman.

This is an immensely sad time for us all and for the Headon family in particular, but perhaps that sadness may be lightened in part by the memory of Vera’s contribution to our lives and the warmth and gratitude we all feel for her.”

Peter VG Wall

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