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National Lottery Winners Give Stockdales a Makeover!

National Lottery Winners Give Stockdales a Makeover!


It’s not every day that a group of millionaires give up their time to volunteer! So when we were asked if we needed their help, we jumped at the chance.

The group helped us with several projects which have literally transformed our indoor and outdoor spaces. At our main site, they laid 3 tonnes of purple slate gravel, potted loads of hanging baskets and planters with lovely flowers and shrubs, built a fabulous rockery and planted a sensory herb garden.

Inside they decorated the hall stairs and landing at one of our properties and a landing in another. At lunchtime everyone took a much needed break and enjoyed lunch outside in the sunshine! We were also delighted to welcome the local and regional press who gave Stockdales and the project some invaluable coverage!

Big thanks to the winners and Influential PR for making this happen. You can see the photos from the day here.


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