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Volunteers spruce up Stockdales

Volunteers spruce up Stockdales

Today, five employees from CHEP in Trafford Park came to help out with some painting.

And what a good job they did too! The five volunteers get 3 days off each per year to do good work within the local community. They work for CHEP, a global company that supplies pallets and containers. The company is keen to support local communities, with a focus on young people, education and the environment.

The lovely volunteers came to Stockdales for a day and helped to spruce up some of the woodwork in a two of our residential houses and the reception area. Everywhere looks as good as new.

Thanks very much to CHEP and the guys who helped out on the day: Paul, Helen, Rachel, Richard and Lee. Your hard work is much appreciated.

Take a look at the photos.

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