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Vision and Values

Since 1953, Stockdales has been a leader in supporting people with learning disabilities. We help over 200 children, young people, adults and their families and carers. We’re proud to run a range of services that help people with a wide range of abilities and needs:

It’s our mission to help people live their lives to the full so they can experience the hope, joy and challenge that life brings. Each person is special and unique. We work hard to help people become the best they can be, supporting them to develop their skills, experiences and confidence.

Our Values

Our culture is supportive, respectful, professional and innovative. This is crucial for us and we make this happen by:

  • Respecting and supporting the rights and choices of everyone
  • Helping people to live happy and exciting lives
  • Supporting people to make their mark on the world
  • Making sure everyone has the same opportunities.
  • Having positive relationships with all stakeholders
  • Being friendly, knowledgeable and professional
  • Inspiring, educating, problem solving and welcoming change

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