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Leanne’s for the chop!

Leanne’s for the chop!

DSCF2298One of our support workers is for the chop – and she couldn’t be happier about it. Leanne McMahon is having her head shaved on September 21 in a bid to raise £1,000 to buy sensory equipment for one of our residential houses. The event will take place at our main site – 34 Harboro Rd, Sale at 4.30pm

Leanne said:  “I grew up with Stockdales as my Mum has worked there for years. I’ve worked there for the past five years and love making a difference to people’s lives. My friends think I’m mad to shave my lovely long locks off, but I’m prepared to do it for such a great cause. That’s how much Stockdales and the people we help mean to me. Sensory equipment isn’t cheap, so my aim is to raise £1,000 so we can get some cool stuff to help people with severe disabilities.”

We all think Leanne is very brave and we can’t thank her enough. Her fundraising efforts will help us to buy some great sensory equipment which will make such a difference to people with severe disabilities. Thank you Leanne!

Anyone interested in supporting Leanne should visit: McMahon



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