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Friendships Blossom

Friendships Blossom

DJ & Suzie ChristmasIf you have a learning disability or complex health needs, it isn’t always easy to get out and about and meet people, make friends and develop new relationships. At Stockdales we help people to develop meaningful and lasting friendships.

So how do we do this? In a number of ways! We run two weekly social clubs held on Monday and Tuesdays in local venues. The social clubs encourage young people and adults to choose activities they enjoy such as a film and popcorn night or having a Chinese with friends. A trip to a local pub is also a regular event! People can take part in activities in a secure and safe environment with the added benefit of support if it’s needed. There is always a waiting list which just proves there is a real need for this type of activity and is something we’re proud to offer.

We organise a number of events throughout the year where people get together to celebrate with friends and families. Then there’s our regular weekly sessions which see the people we support meet up with new people and old friends whilst enjoying a shared activity.

There’s always something going on at the weekends and during the holidays when people get to do something really different. Pot holing, abseiling, rock climbing – you name it, we do it! And for the slightly less adventurous, something a bit more relaxed such as a country walk and meal out with friends or trip to see a show is always a popular choice!



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