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A Lifetime of Support

A Lifetime of Support

Page 8 - A Lifetime of Support (4)We were delighted when Ian made Stockdales his home in 2014. However, this wasn’t the first time our paths had crossed.

When Ian and his family moved to Sale in 1964, Stockdales offered them respite care one evening a week. As our services developed, the family benefitted from the additional support offered and Ian continued to use the service throughout his early years.

Now 54, Ian has really made Stockdales his home. He is a real character and extremely caring towards the friends he lives with. If any of them are away for any length of time he asks about them and wants to know what they are up to.

Page 8 - A lifetime of Support (use this one and one other)Ian is very sociable and likes to be involved with everything that goes on in his home. There isn’t much that gets past him! Whether it’s visiting the allotment or playing an instrument in one of the LS music sessions, Ian takes full advantage of all the activities on offer and the opportunity to mix with his friends.

In his quieter moments Ian loves to flick through catalogues, magazines and books. And of course he loves visits from his Dad, who still lives locally and is able to pop in regularly to catch up with how he is getting on.

We look forward to supporting Ian on his journey for many years to come!

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