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Farewell to a fantastic fundraiser

Farewell to a fantastic fundraiser

rsz_jean_freake_2We’re really sad to let you know about the passing of  a fine lady. Jean Freake was a fantastic and successful fundraiser for Stockdales in the 1970’s. She was Stockdales through and through to the end. Please see below the moving words from her son Donald and join us in sending her family our kind thoughts and best wishes.

 ” Thank you all for your kind wishes. Some of you may want to attend mum’s funeral, we, the family, would love that. For your diaries, it will be held at Crewe Crematorium at 2 pm on Monday September 4th.

Now, we have a request. And I best tell you a little of mum’s life to explain why.

For many years mum worked for a charity called, at the time, The Lil Stockdale Centre. They provided respite care for families of children with disabilities. Mum had the grand title of appeals chairman, her job was to raise money.

Like any charity it needed money and at that time it needed lots. They had outgrown their initial property “Pictor House” and were purchasing and moving into the house next door, no 34 Harboro Rd, Sale. Her fundraising target in 1972 was £80 000, a massive sum in those days. Mum was very proud of her work there.

Fast forward a few decades, mum and I were chatting about things as we did and we looked up Stockdales on the Internet. They are still going strong, still providing a great service to the community. Mum still had a few bits and pieces from those times so she asked me to contact Stockdales to see if they were of any interest.

Jean and Emma, our CEO

Jean and Emma, our CEO

 Emma Morris, the present Chief Executive of Stockdales was quickly in contact and asked if possible could she meet mum. There soon followed a lovely day where mum filled a few gaps in the organisation’s history and gave it a bit of colour. Emma in return showed mum how Stockdales has grown and the work they do today. I would like to thank Emma for taking the time to come over and see mum. She drew great pride from seeing something she was involved in becoming what it is today; a wonderful asset to those who need it.

So we have given mum one last job. As former appeals chairman, she needs to raise some money. I doubt we will get anywhere near the 1972 figure but it all helps.

Don’t buy us flowers, don’t send us cards, don’t get a new dress for the funeral. Give for every time mum made you smile, give for every time mum made you laugh. Honour her by giving to an organisation she gave so much to.

Thank you, Donald

Ps if you donate, could you put mum’s name on the donation, would love to let Stockdales feel mum’s love.

Donations can be made securely online here or by post to 34 Harboro Rd, Sale, M33 5AH

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