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Cheshire Freemasons lend a helping hand

Cheshire Freemasons lend a helping hand

It was a welcome sight for the team at Stockdales when two Cheshire Freemasons recently visited us with a cheque for £1,899.69. The kind donation made by local Freemasons will pay for much needed indoor and outdoor play equipment for our Stockies Juniors project that helps children aged 5 -11 with learning disabilities, autism and life-limiting conditions.

Freemasons Harry Wright and Keith Howbrigg came along to the club to meet the children and see how equipment purchased is already helping enhance the quality of life them. In addition to what this donation will purchase,  there is a sensory wall at the club which includes ripple mirrors and noughts and crosses, a ball pool, basketball stand, wind chimes, recordable and talking flowers, a projector and giant bubble tube!

We are so grateful to the Cheshire Freemasons for their generosity and continued support. Stockies Juniors helps the kids to have the same experiences as other children. Often, mainstream clubs are not geared up to meet their needs which means they could miss out. Stockies Juniors addresses this need as many of the children have sensory issues. That’s why this sort of equipment is vital to the club. It helps with problem solving, fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination, visual tracking, curiosity in play and make believe.

Stockies Juniors has been an invaluable resource to both the children and their families, who get a bit of time to relax whilst the club is open. To have the support of Harry, Keith and the Freemasons they represent is simply amazing!

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