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Minibus Mayhem!

Minibus Mayhem!


Sad news! We were devastated to learn one of our minibuses has been stolen. The silver 14 seater Ford Transit Jumbo minibus was taken from our main site at 34 Harboro Rd in Sale on Saturday 5th January and has not been seen since then.

We were heartbroken to find out our minibus had been stolen. And we just can’t believe that anyone would take this invaluable vehicle and deprive disabled people from getting out and about. Several years ago, we fundraised to buy the specially adapted vehicle which cost £44,000 in 2012. Having this minibus meant we could take people with the highest needs to more places. Plus it’s special adaptations meant wheelchair users could travel safely and securely too.

Promoting independence is at the heart of what Stockdales does and the theft of our bus has made things really difficult for us. Our minibuses take people out near and far; to and from our activity sessions, for days out and holidays away. They are an essential part of what helping people with disabilities live life to the full. We have particularly special memories of this minibus as we lovingly decorated it ready to take some of our service users to their prom one year (see pictured).

Whilst we are outraged at what has happened, everyone has pulled together in true Stockdales spirit to make sure our services aren’t impacted too much in the short term. So we’re doing the best we can for now. The minibus is a big vehicle and would be easily spotted, but it hasn’t been seen since its disappearance unfortunately. It looks like we’ll have to replace it and this is going to be a real struggle for us as we’ll have to do this quickly for the smooth operation of our services.

If you’d like to help us get back on the road, please make a donation here. Or send a cheque or drop off your donations to their office at 34 Harboro Rd, Sale.

For more information call 0161 973 2296 or send an email .

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