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A Key To The Door

A Key To The Door

On the 29th of June 1992 Amanda, along with friend Shaun, turned the key in the door of their new home, Headonhey. And a new and exciting chapter in the life of Stockdales began.

Headonhey was the first of a new style of residential home. Before this, Stockdales provided respite and residential care for children with learning and physical disabilities. Headonhey catered for adults and offered them a place that they could call home  for the rest of their lives. The house was designed to meet the needs of people with disabilities, wider doors were installed along with a lift and specialist bathrooms. But other than that, it was and continues to be a regular home like yours or mine.

Along with the original property on Harboro Road, this was the first of four similar properties that would be run by Stockdales. Hayling Road opened in 1997 providing a place for an additional 6 young people followed by Ashton Lane in 2004. And there is even more exciting news, in 2020, we are planning to open a fifth home in Sale, offering places to a further 6 people with complex health needs.

Three of the original five residents, including Amanda, continue to live at Headonhey. Shaun did too, until he sadly passed away in 2017. The future is bright, as Stockdales continues to provide their own special brand of care well into the next decade and beyond.


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