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Molly’s 2.6 Challenge

Molly’s 2.6 Challenge

Molly Taylor, an amazing member of staff has completed her 2.6 Challenge and raised a fantastic £475 for Stockdales

The 2.6 Challenge is a National Campaign to help support the UKs Charities during the COVID Pandemic.

Molly challenged herself to doing a 2.6 minute dance every day for 2 weeks! She even got her brother and parents involved in the dancing.

Molly said “I love dancing, however that mainly stays in work with the fab kids or down at the pub with friends, hopefully making a fool of myself will pay off!

From working at Stockdales I know how important the work is that the charity does. Not only do they care for adults with very specific and complex health needs, they also provide love, laughter and joy!

I have loved working alongside the staff and kids and wanted to give something back.”

Well you certainly have Molly!

Thank you so much for doing this challenge and raising all that money! You are a star!

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