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Lockdown Mills Marathon

Lockdown Mills Marathon

One of our lovely supporters, Paul Mills of Millcroft Wealth Manangement is going all out and is running a solo marathon on Sunday 14th June.

Inspired by Captain Tom, Paul will be running the full marathon distance around private land close to his home, so will be safe in terms of social distancing. He has run a number of marathons before, but this was quite some time ago and he is a little out of practice since becoming a family man. So this will be no easy feat! 

We are delighted to have Paul’s support and can’t thank him enough for his efforts at this challenging time. You can show your support for Paul by sponsoring him here.

If Paul has inspired you to to a sponsored challenge for Stockdales, we’d love to have your support. Get in touch with us by email or call Natalie on 07980 967 293. Thank you!

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