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Well done Pat!

Well done Pat!

Longstanding supporter, Pat Jordan, swapped the stage for a Facebook Live show a few weeks ago. He took to the keyboard and belted out a load of Irish music classics to his fans to raise much needed funds for Stockdales. While this isn’t his usual way of doing things, he did a mighty fine job as people made the living room floor their dancefloor.

Pat and his supporters did Stockdales proud by raising a whopping £635. THANK YOU! This is an amazing amount and just goes to show what can be done with a little adapting of things. The biggest thanks to Pat for his continued support and for the thousands he has raised for Stockdales over the years.

Hopefully, it won’t be too long before Pat can get back to doing his live shows. Thanks again for raising such a huge amount in difficult times. It means so much to everyone at Stockdales.

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