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Online Application Form

To apply, please use the online application form below or contact us and we’ll send you an application form.

Before filling in the Application Form

Please read the following notes before filling in the application form. First read the:

  • Job description – this tells you what will be expected of you to do the role
  • Person specification – this tells you the essential and desirable skills, knowledge and experience you will need to do the role.

Use the person specification when filling in the ‘statement of suitability’ section. This will help you to pick out relevant experience, skills and knowledge. The short-listing panel will be looking for evidence in your application that match each of the criteria in the person specification. It’s important that you use these examples in your application to show how you meet the essential and desirable criteria. The best way to show you match the criteria is to give examples which can either be from work or personal experience.

It’s important that you include all the relevant information on your application form. The selection panel will not be able to make assumptions about your ability based on their (or anyone else’s) knowledge of you. This applies particularly to internal applications.

It might be useful to do a rough draft first before filling in your application form. You’ll also have to do the following:

  • If certain sections of the application form don’t apply to you, write N/A for your answer
  • Use the person specification to fill in the ‘Statement of suitability’ section
  • Make sure you have filled in all sections before submitting the form. Incomplete applications will not be accepted.
  • Make sure you apply by the closing date.
  • CVs will not be accepted as an alternative application

Shortlisted applicants will be asked to show the following at interview:

  • Relevant qualification certificates and training courses attended
  • Driving licence (if applicable)
  • Evidence of professional membership eg. GSCC, Care Council for Wales, GTC, IFL or HPC

Proof of identity and current address:

    • Passport or photo driving licence, including counterpart
    • Birth certificate
    • Two utility bills (3 months old or less) from different suppliers: gas, electric, telephone, bank or credit card statement.
    • One passport sized photograph


Stockdales is committed to keeping children and vulnerable adults safe. We have detailed procedures in place and make sure that safeguarding is a priority for all employees.

We carry out an Enhanced Criminal Records Check after an employment offer is made. You will have to fill in a Disclosure Application Form which we will send to the Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS). We will need to see at least three pieces of identification, one which must have our picture (passport or driving licence). If you don’t have these, then we will need a passport sized photograph, birth certificate and two other documents (from different suppliers) which show your address.

Stockdales follows the DBS code of practice. We can either send you this or you can see it by visiting

Applicants who do not hold a UK passport and/or have not lived in the UK for at least five years will have to get a disclosure or police check from their birth country or last country where they lived.

The senior team must be told about any convictions, pending prosecutions, cautions, reprimands, bind overs and warnings that happen after starting employment with Stockdales.

Stockdales is committed to working with the Government to stop illegal migrants working in the United Kingdom. It is our policy to work in line with the Immigration, Aslyum and Nationality Act 2006. All staff who start work with Stockdales will have to show original identification and proof they can work in the UK. This information will be put on their records, may be checked and shared with the home office and verified throughout employment.

All offers of employment depend on satisfactory references, one of which must be your current or last employer. You should also give details of someone like your supervisor or line manager, who can comment on your suitability for the post. References from your spouse or partner and members of your family are not acceptable. Stockdales may ask for further references from any paid or unpaid work you list in your application.

In addition to the Criminal Records Check detailed above, applicants should not be disqualified from caring for children under The Disqualification for Children’s Regulations 2002 (see enclosed Disclaimer Form) nor should a referral have been made to the Independent Safeguarding Authority (ISA) resulting in you being barred from working/volunteering with children, young people and/or vulnerable adults.

If we don’t contact you within four to six weeks of the closing date (or if there is no closing date, the date you send us your application), then you have not been shortlisted for interview. All applications are kept on file for six months and will be considered for future roles. Please contact us if you see other vacancies you would like to be considered for within this period.

The information given in this application form may be used for statistical analysis and for us to get references from past and present employers. The information will be used to set up employee records for applicants who join Stockdales. Unsuccessful applications will be destroyed after six months.
Equality and Diversity

Stockdales is committed to treating all people and organisations we work with equally. We welcome applications from everyone regardless of their origin, religion or beliefs, disability, sexuality, age or responsibilities for dependents.

Equality and Diversity

Stockdales is committed to preventing discrimination and promoting equal opportunities in the employment of staff and the delivery of its services.

Stockdales will promote equal opportunities across all of its work and will make sure that:

  • No employee, job applicant or service user is discriminated against, either directly or indirectly
  • All staff and managers will be adequately trained in equality around their employment and in delivering services.
  • We will work with service users to promote fairness and equality in their lives.
  • All areas of organisation recognise the need to value differences between ethnic and minority groups and to make sure individual needs about culture, religion, and behaviour are met as far as possible.

We will have detailed policies and procedures on how equal opportunities will be carried out for:

  • Recruitment and selection,
  • Training and development
  • Harassment
  • The employment of disabled people.

All staff employed by Stockdales and volunteers will be expected to:

  • Keep to this policy and any other policies about equality and diversity
  • Not discriminate or encourage others to discriminate against any other member of staff or service user at Stockdales.
  • Not harass, victimize, abuse or intimidate any member of staff or service user at Stockdales.
  • Inform Stockdales management or members of the “Equal Opportunities Forum” if they see or hear any form of discrimination involving staff or service users.

A more detailed Equal Opportunities Policy is available on request.

    Position applying for?


    Full Name

    Full Address



    Email Address

    How did you hear about the vacancy

    Do you have a full driving licence and access to a car?

    Dates NOT available for interview

    Previous / Last Employer

    Start and End Dates

    Name and Address of Employer

    Type of Business

    Reason for Leaving

    Position Held

    Notice Required

    Registration Number

    Previous Employer 2

    Start and End Dates

    Name and Address of Employer

    Type of Business

    Reason for Leaving

    Position Held

    Registration Number

    Previous Employer 3

    Start and End Dates

    Name and Address of Employer

    Type of Business

    Reason for Leaving

    Position Held

    Registration Number

    Employment History

    Please upload a document of your entire employment history including; dates, name and address of employers, type of business, reason for leaving and position held.

    All gaps in your employment & education must be accounted for

    Details of Any Time Not Spent in Employment (including dates)

    Education History

    Start and End Dates

    School or College

    Certifications Received

    Further Education History

    Other Qualifications/Professional Membership

    Start and End Dates

    School or College

    Certifications Received

    Further Qualifications/Professional Membership

    Personal statement, other experience in support of your application and personal interests and hobbies.


    Please provide three references, one of which must be your present/last employer. You should also provide details of someone, such as your supervisor or line manager who is able to comment on your suitability for the post for which you are applying. Please note that references from your spouse or partner, or members of your family, are not acceptable, and that we may also take up reference in respect of any previous employers from those provided without further notification to you.

    Rehabilitation of Offenders Act 1974 (Exemptions) Order 1975

    Stockdales is committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of all children and vulnerable adults who use our services and as such, expects all staff and volunteers to share this commitment. If selected you will be required to apply for a disclosure from the Disclosure and Barring Service.

    Applicants for general posts need to disclose details of unspent convictions.

    Do you have any unspent convictions?

    Please select the appropriate answer below:

    If yes, please provide details below.

    If you have any Court convictions or police record of any description, you should include details of these with this application form. Please note that a criminal record will not necessarily be a bar to obtaining employment with Stockdales.

    Applicants for positions in which they may come into contact with children or vulnerable adults must declare both unspent and spent convictions:

    You must disclose all convictions, pending prosecutions, cautions, reprimands, bind overs, driving convictions, warnings- including those that are considered spent.

    Do you have any unspent / spent convictions, pending prosecutions, cautions, reprimands, bind overs, driving convictions or warnings?

    Please tick the appropriate answer below:

    If yes, please provide details below.

    Are you subject to any sanctions imposed by a regulatory body?

    Are you disqualified from working with children or vulnerable adults?

    If Yes please provide details below.

    Further Information

    Are you related to any person employed by, or connected with Stockdales including children or adults in receipt of a service from Stockdales, and if so in what capacity? *include name, job title and relationship*

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