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Caring Amanda

Caring Amanda

Amanda has lived in our residential services for many years since childhood. She is a caring person who is like a ‘mother hen’ to the friends she lives with. Amanda like to make sure everyone is OK, helping out and offering advice where she can. An outgoing character, she loves a good party with lots of dancing. And you can guarantee she will be the last one on the dance-floor!

Shopping is a favourite hobby with new clothes and accessories at the top of the list. Amanda loves to look her best at all times. Trips to the hairdressers every 2 to 3 weeks help to keep her looking fabulous. Regular hair styling every morning keep Amanda looking great, just how she likes it.

Family and friends are important. At the moment, Amanda keeps in touch online with her Mum and Dad. Usually, she would visit them a few times a month and stay over but can’t because of the current restrictions. At home, Amanda likes to help around the house with jobs, prepare dinner or watch a film in her room. She loves spending time with her housemates too and regularly enjoys bingo, karaoke, quizzes and cocktail evenings.

Amanda is a creative person and enjoys arts, craft and baking. She also loves our dance and drama sessions too. A social butterfly, Amanda loves nothing better than having a natter with her friends and staff. Quieter evenings are usually spent relaxing in her PJs, watching one of the many soaps on the TV. It’s fair to say Amanda is a big fan of them all!

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