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Helping families

Helping families

Ian’s journey with Stockdales started when he was just 2 years old. He used to come for respite care one evening a week to give his mum and dad some time out. As we developed our services over the years, Ian and his family continued to benefit from the support offered. Ian lived at home until 2011 when he moved into one of our residential houses. Unfortunately, his mum had passed away and his dad needed additional support too as caring for Ian was becoming more difficult. Understandably, he wanted to make sure that Ian’s future care was secure and got in touch with Stockdales. Known and trusted by Ian and his family, we were the natural choice to offer them all peace of mind.

Settling in was a challenge for Ian for a while. But with lots of support from our team, he has made Stockdales his home. Ian has developed a real care for his housemates, wanting to know how they are and what they are up to. He has become more sociable and doesn’t like to miss out on anything. Whether he is visiting our allotment or getting loud with the instruments in the music sessions, being involved with things is important to Ian. On Sundays he goes to the service at the Salvation Army. Ian likes the brass instruments they play which are a nod to the past when his dad used to play. He’s also a fan of the tea and biscuits on offer each week too!

Since living at Stockdales, Ian’s mobility has massively improved. He likes to move his wheelchair around the house himself and loves to spend time relaxing on his beanbag. And his communication has come on in leaps and bounds too. Ian has learned new words and sentences, knows his age and the names of the staff team.

Dad Eric is pleased with Ian’s journey with Stockdales. He said, “Stockdales is everything you could wish for. They are concerned with every aspect of Ian’s life, particularly things I was not capable of providing. Experiences that were beyond me because there is only so much you can do on your own.”

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