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Helping people in a different way

Helping people in a different way

Amina, known to us all as Mimi, has been using our Community Services for 3 years. She lives at home with her family and whilst she loves spending time with them, she enjoys getting out and about and being active.

Mimi is a big character who is wonderfully affectionate and has a huge supply of hugs for everyone. Although, these days they are from a safe distance! Normally, we’d help Mimi to do all the stuff she likes. Usually, you’d find her bouncing away at a trampoline session or making waves in the local pool! Trips to the zoo, theatre, bowling and into town for coffee have been big favourites too. Mimi loves a day out somewhere, although you can count her out if it’s raining! She’s also got involved with weeding and digging at our allotment. And it was great to count on her help at a supermarket bag pack, when she was a big hit with the customers.

Covid restrictions have meant we’ve had to help Mimi in a different way. Whilst she misses getting out, she has enjoyed a wide range of activities at our site. Favourites include watching music videos on the big screen and baking anything from pies to cookies. Mimi gets her tidying fix by carefully putting the balls from our ball pool into plastic tubs, which she loves!

Mimi’s time at Stockdales has helped her improve her social skills, develop meaningful relationships and learn to cope with different social situations. Like everyone, Mimi is looking forward to getting some normality back but is doing so well with all of the changes.

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