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James is full of fun!

James is full of fun!

James ran through the door of our Stockies Juniors club in May 2019 with a huge smile on his face and he hasn’t stopped smiling since! He goes to Acre Hall Primary School, who provide specialist support for children with autism and he comes to Stockies on a Saturday.

In his spare time, James enjoys swimming, cycling, days out with mum and dad, going to the cinema, reading and playing on his laptop. James loves coming to Stockies Juniors and always asks to bake. But his favourite thing to do is play ‘Monster’, a game of Tig and when the person is “it” they have to pretend to be a monster and chase the others. As you can imagine, it’s noisy, loads of fun and is also a firm favourite with the staff! James is a very happy boy who loves being with others and playing games. And he has loads of friends at Stockies Juniors. Everyone always wants to play with James!

We asked James’ mum, Melanie, what Stockies Juniors means to their family. She said, “As a family, we get a lot from James coming to Stockies Juniors. It means we have some much needed respite at the weekend. It is just James’ Dad and I who care for James, so a couple of hours where we can spend a bit of time together and go out for a coffee and chat is really welcome. “We are happy to leave James at Stockies Juniors because it’s well organised, safe and he enjoys it. James particularly enjoys the baking! He can go somewhere other than school where he is with other children his own age. James also likes to spend some time with other adults who are aware of his needs in an understanding environment.”

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