Dream Days

How will you spend your Dream Day?

Boat - Life jacketsTake a minute to think about your dream day or experience.

Have you ever wanted to:

Spend a night away from home in an exciting place?

Experience the thrills and spills of a big event?

Do a red letter day?

Visit an interesting place?


These are just some ideas! Your dream is unique and personal to you, whatever may be. Dreams give us hope and something to look forward to – with the chance to have a magical experience whilst creating lasting and treasured memories!

This is what our Dream Days project is all about. It’s a very special “wish” based project that helps children, young people and adults with learning disabilities make their dreams come true, so they can cherish them forever.

What sets Dream Days aside from other wish projects is that it’s open to people of all ages. We believe everyone deserves to smile and have an experience that means so much to them.

Our project is fully inclusive, so everyone gets a fair and equal  chance to experience their Dream Day.

You can apply using the links below and also take a look at our guidelines so you know how we can help.

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Dream Days Guidelines

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