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Dream Days – Proving age is no limit!

Dream Days – Proving age is no limit!


We’re sure Sheila won’t mind us sharing with you that she had reached the fine age of 83 when Stockdales made her Dream come true! Unfortunately, it wasn’t completely straight forward. When Sheila fell ill with a severe chest infection it looked like her Dream Day might have to be cancelled. But we don’t like to be beaten at Stockdales and decided we would find a way to help make Sheila’s dreams come true!

It was all hands on deck to make sure Sheila had a special day out. As soon as Sheila was feeling stronger, we arranged for her to visit the spectacular Lowry theatre at Salford Keys. After lunch at Café Rouge, we did a little souvenir shopping before heading over to the theatre to watch a fantastic show on ice. Sheila said, “It was an amazing experience with great food and full of fun. I really enjoyed the show about Halloween, clowns and magicians. Highly recommended!”

Judging from her smiles we succeeded in giving Sheila a Dream Day to remember! And it just goes to show age is no limit with Dream Days. If we can make it happen, we will! 

If you or anyone you know would like a Dream Day, then take a look here and apply.


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