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Helping families

20 Mar

Ian’s journey with Stockdales started when he was just 2 years old. He used to come for respite care one evening a week to give his mum and dad some time out. As we developed our services over the years, Ian and his family continued to benefit from the support offered. Ian lived at home until 2011 when he moved into one of our residential houses. Unfortunately, his mum had passed away and his dad needed additional support too as caring for Ian was becoming more difficult. Understandably, he wanted to make sure that Ian’s future care was secure and got in touch with Stockdales. Known and trusted by Ian and his family, we were the natural choice to offer them all peace of mind.

Caring Amanda

20 Mar

Amanda has lived in our residential services for many years since childhood. She is a caring person who is like a ‘mother hen’ to the friends she lives with. Amanda like to make sure everyone is OK, helping out and offering advice where she can. An outgoing character, she loves a good party with lots of dancing. And you can guarantee she will be the last one on the dance-floor!

Helping people in a different way

20 Mar

Amina, known to us all as Mimi, has been using our Community Services for 3 years. She lives at home with her family and whilst she loves spending time with them, she enjoys getting out and about and being active.

Corinne – What an inspiration!

20 Mar

Corinne is sweet, gentle and chatty. She enjoys spending time talking about her interests and learning about other people’s too. Corinne has been a regular at Stockdales for many years and lives at home with her mum.

James is full of fun!

20 Mar

James ran through the door of our Stockies Juniors club in May 2019 with a huge smile on his face and he hasn’t stopped smiling since! He goes to Acre Hall Primary School, who provide specialist support for children with autism and he comes to Stockies on a Saturday.

Making dreams come true

20 Mar

When we first introduced Dream Days in 2015, our aim was to help as many people as possible have their dream experiences. At the time, we couldn’t find anyone offering this to people of all ages, particularly to adults. We set about changing that and our lovely Dream Days project was born. Since then, we have supported lots of people and their families to tick stuff off their bucket lists.

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